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DIRECTORS’ REPORT: September 2016

Riley Register Spares Limited – Directors Report to Members

 We are pleased to report that we have received a number of expressions of interest in the storekeeper’s job. If you have an interest and have not yet let us know, please forward your C.V. to any of the directors and we will follow up. The job outline is summarised in the last Newsletter. We will continue discussions with those who have shown interest over the next couple of months.

The next update on selling parts to members in North America will be covered post our next board meeting in September.

Further to our recent requests for more volunteers to work in the RRSL team we are pleased to announce that Peter Gates has offered his services and has recently started to investigate some of the long outstanding requests to add specific additional parts to the RRSL catalogue. There is plenty to do as the members and our suppliers continually keep us engaged with requests so there is certainly room for another volunteer or two? Please call any of the RRSL team members if you are interested and we can discuss what is involved.

Product Updates

  • We are now talking to suppliers regarding the manufacture of replacement boot handles and would like all those members who have not yet expressed interest to do so stating their precise requirements. An Email to Brian Reeves is the best method.
  • Late pattern door handles. These are the same as early RM handles and we are awaiting a reply from the people who make these. The tooling may be the property of the RM club in which case we will need to get in touch with them.
  • We received an enquiry for the studs and nuts that attach the later knock off type splined hubs to their retaining plates. We have spoken to one of our trader members, Vintage and Classic Shock Absorbers, who confirm that they stock these parts so RRSL, following the policy of not duplicating parts that are commercially available has decided that there is little point in us stocking them.
  • We have spotted on a website belonging to a supplier of MG parts that they have made a batch of chromed brass domed bonnet tops. So if anyone is wondering where to get these from to finish off a restoration have a look at They don’t quote an OD but looks worth checking, it is their part no 1675
  • There has been some dialogue on the provision of amber glass for the ST38 rear light; one member has commented back that they have solved the requirement by fitting the clear lens lights with amber bulbs: a solution applied by many European car manufacturers. Thanks for your comments.
  • Some members requested we investigate the supply of carpet material. To date we have had a few requests and we will need to follow up with those members, as we need to know the amount they actually require. The last orders placed for carpet by one of our members had a minimum quantity of 50 metres @ 36 inches wide and we would expect the roll cost to be around £3000. Again, if you need carpet and have not specified what you need please contact Brian.
  • We are still expecting delivery in the next week or so of the 9E360 crankshaft pinion gear, that has been out of stock for some time. These will be available for delivery to members once they have passed the goods-inwards check.
  • Replacement Girling brake rollers have been requested but a quick check has identified these are available from Blue Diamond as are the cable brake cam leather washers and the replacement Bendix and sleeves for 9hp and 12/4 starter motors.
  • Please remember that we do not currently stock standard size Merlin pistons and that you need to check with Richard if you are requiring 15/6 pistons as a full set of plus 0.060” oversize are not currently available.

Stores Report from Richard Ives

It is a thought that the autumn equinox is just around the corner, 22nd of September, time to start thinking about the winter jobs on the car that you have successfully put off during the year. To that end, we have good stocks of the parts you might need. Do give us a call.

There have been isolated incidences of Emails for ordering goods from the web not coming through. If you do not receive a reply then I have not received it!  My personal email is unaffected, but the phone is always the best route. Our photo shows some of the parts in Category 100.

Like many other suppliers, we have a minimum charge of £10:00 so if you are building your order on the internet please bear that in mind.