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Directors’ Report: September 2014

RRSL Stub Axle Parts

We have become aware of the occasional unfortunate issues where members have fitted an incorrect part to their Riley in the course of a repair. So, just a reminder to members that your spares company is not only here to provide spares but also to provide advice on the most appropriate replacement part. We are now seeing more members acquiring boxes of bits rather than complete cars and this adds to the complexity of sorting out appropriate repair parts.

We can best handle such questions if part identification is provided and photographs often reduce the possibility of misidentification. In the first instance, please address your questions to Richard Ives who can then call on appropriate members of the spares team and other model experts to assist in your questions.

If you do have issues or concerns with spares provided by RRSL please contact Richard Ives in the first instance and give your spares company the opportunity to respond.

Project Updates

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

Still awaiting a confirmed delivery date from the supplier.

Thicker 9hp Rocker Box Cover Gasket

For engines where the block or head has been skimmed.
Because insufficient interest has been shown, we will not produce these at present.

Wish List Additions

Side Valve Timing Gears

Feasibility of funding still being investigated.

Issues Identified

9E516: Round Rocker Box Lid Washer

We regret to report that one member has reported issues with the new neoprene rocker box lid gaskets. We are in discussion with the manufacturer regarding the problem and a set of trial gaskets in a revised material are in hand. Once available these samples will be trialled to ensure the identified problem has been resolved.

Storesman’s Report

We have been busy during the last few weeks; obviously there are a number of projects on the go at this time. We do seem to receive a number of enquiries for “missing” parts; these can range from brake rods to instruments. In some cases I can usually refer the member to a likely source. It seems that some cars are purchased as a box of bits, so it is not surprising that there will be parts missing. Judging by what I’m told these can end up on eBay at greatly inflated prices, so check before you buy, if possible!

Featured Images

The photo shot this time features all you need for your stub axle. We have a small number of A2212K: Stub Axle King Pin (MK4 on, 7/8″, c/w Nut & Split Pin) in stock, should yours be suspect. Also stocked are A2397S: Swivel Pin Kit (7/8”) and A2414S: Swivel Pin Kit (3/4”); the Pins and Bushes for the swivel pin axle.