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DIRECTORS’ Report: October 2016

Riley Register Spares Limited – Directors Report to Members

 We are pleased to report that we have received a number of expressions of interest in the storekeeper’s job and we are starting to meet with these members. If you have an interest and have not yet let us know, please contact any of the directors and we will follow up. The job outline is summarised in the last Newsletter. We will continue discussions with those who have shown interest over the next couple of months with the target of the selecting the new storekeeper before the start of 2017.

On the topic of sales to North America, we are now completing final checks on our position before announcing the way forward. We hope to make an announcement in the next Newsletter.

We are looking for feedback on the Girling brake boot, GB1502S, when used on the front brakes, can members please share their experiences. Either give me a call or email to

Over the years a few members have requested 1” kingpins, we understand these are now available from Blue Diamond Services along with bushes and two thicknesses of thrust washers. On the basis that these parts are now available RRSL will take them off the projects list. We also understand Blue Diamond Services have also commissioned a batch of 12/6 and 14/6 rocker shafts.

Product Updates

  • On the topic of replacement boot lock assemblies, we are now commissioning prototypes and negotiating on prices so if you have an interest, please make Brian Reeves aware.
  • The 9E360 crankshaft pinion gears, which have been out of stock for some time, are now being inspected to check they conform to the drawings. These will be available for delivery to members once they have passed the goods-inwards check.
  • The 4G77 rear cork gearbox seal we have had on the RRSL catalogue has been found to be incorrectly sized. With the assistance of a club member, a new seal has been designed; a prototype made and successfully fitted in the assembly. These seals will be re-ordered and all members who are in receipt of an original RRSL seal will be provided with a replacement.
  • Please remember that we do not currently stock standard size Merlin pistons and that you need to check with Richard if you are requiring 15/6 pistons as a full set of plus 0.060” oversize are not currently available.

Just as a footnote, whilst our sales terms & conditions say that we do not supply parts for racing, RRSL parts are used on a regular basis in successful competition cars. John Collins works Brooklands, winner of the VSCC ODM trophy, has been using the same Register supplied head gasket for the last three years and David Prykes VSCC Class 9 winning Morgan Riley with 12:1 compression ratio has been using the same Register gel head gasket for the last couple of years. As some may say, racing ‘im’proves the breed.

 Stores Report from Richard Ives

Winter is coming so now is the time to be thinking about all those jobs on the car that have been put off during the summer.

It appears that some of the emails and therefore some orders have not been reaching me via our web site. We are currently looking into the problem on the web but in the meantime it would be more reliable if you sent email messages to me at my home email address rather than via the web. We are suffering a significant issue with SPAM so please put RILEY PARTS into the title of your emails to help the mail getting to the right people.  It follows that if you have sent an order for parts via the web and do not have reply or acknowledgement within a couple of days, then I have not received it!  Much better to pick up the phone, it goes really without saying.