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Directors’ Report: July 2016

Riley Register Spares Limited – Directors Report to Members

 We reported in the last newsletter that Richard Ives is retiring from the position of RRSL Store man and that we need to find a replacement by the end of 2016 in order to facilitate a smooth transition. THIS IS NOW BECOMING URGENT SINCE WE HAVE RECEIVED NO FORMAL ENQUIRIES.

We remind you that there is some financial reward for this position to cover the provision of a secure storage facility (a single garage is ample) plus stocking of parts and shipping parts out to customers orders—-this typically pays around £7500 – £8000 per year. Full details of the role and responsibilities are available with each of the RRSL board members-they would welcome contact from any member interested in obtaining more details.

In summary, the requirements are-

  • A broad knowledge of Riley’s to help guide members in their part selection,
  • Have dry secure storage to hold the parts stock and pack.
  • Perform documented quality checks on new batches of stock received
  • Be prepared to respond to queries and take orders at some point during each day over 5 days of the week

If we do not receive interest before the next newsletter then the RRSL board will unfortunately need to start planning alternative approaches to the spares service we currently provide to you. This may result in less of a “club” environment and may even have to involve outsourcing to a third party organisation.

We are progressing the issues for selling parts to members in the North American continent. Discussions with our Insurance providers continue and we participated in a meeting with the FBVHC and other car clubs that identified further considerations. Initially we will only be offering non safety-critical parts but the scope is expected to broaden to the full range of parts when we have completed verifying that our suppliers have appropriate product liability insurance cover for North America.

We are pleased to report that Richard’s swansong Coventry spares stall was very successful. Many thanks to those members who bought parts or collected pre ordered parts from us on the Sunday. We received some enquiries for spares that we do not currently carry and these will be added to the list of items we are looking at resulting from last year’s survey.

We are still looking for more members to join the RRSL, just dipping your toe in the water and picking up a couple of projects would make a real difference to the workload of the existing team. Please call any of the RRSL team members if you are interested and we can discuss what is involved.

Product Updates

  • Following comments from a couple of members, we have reviewed the design of the AliLam rocker cover gaskets we provide for the 12/4 and 15/6 engines. The observations were that these gaskets compressed a significant amount and were paper- thin in some places after being used several times. We performed tests on a set and agree that in places the gasket thickness was significantly reduced as the gasket complied with the uneven nature of the surfaces being sealed. However, the original aim for these gaskets was to provide a stable gasket, enabled by the aluminium foil intermediate layer, and a compressible and resilient material that afforded good sealing without the need for high torque loads on the fixings. To that end we consider the gasket do meet the requirement but have made a design revision to make all future stock in a thicker AliLam. Note, these gaskets only require a low torque on the securing nuts, not much more than finger tight.
  • The investigation into replacement boot locks parts continues and thanks to those members who provided additional input and interest at this year’s Coventry event.
  • We are shortly expecting delivery of the 9E360 crankshaft pinion gear. These will be available for delivery to members once they have passed the goods-inwards check.
  • Please remember that we do not currently stock standard size Merlin pistons and that you need to check with Richard if you are requiring 15/6 pistons as a full set of plus 0.060” oversize are not currently available.

Stores Report from Richard Ives

 We are pleased to report that this year’s Coventry rally went well with many new and old customers visiting us. It is a good chance to meet the team and discuss various aspects of our Spares service. Fortunately, the weather held off virtually until the end, the only regret being so busy we do not get much of a chance to see all the display cars! Some customers are experiencing problems sending Emails via our web site. In the short term, it might be best if you send your enquiries straight to me, if you do not receive a reply, usually the same day, then I have not received it. Of course, the phone is more reliable. The photo shot this time covers a few items from our many in the Lubrication category.