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Directors’ Report: January 2015

We are just into the first few days of 2015 and preparing for the annual business review that we have once per year to  set our goals for the year.

We are particularly looking forward to your responses to both the letter by Steve Hughes in the last Bulletin and to our questionnaire. We will respond on Steve’s points when we have seen the feedback from other Register members, but do confirm that we agree with Steve’s point that the RRSL charter is to provide, where justified, spares that are not commercially available elsewhere.  All the parts listed in this month’s update are not available elsewhere.

We have decided to periodically include technical notes to these reports. Our first, accompanying this report, is on Crankshafts.

Project Updates

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

We have taken delivery of a batch of these and they are going through quality checks as a critical component.

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

The loan front axle has been dissembled, so we can reverse engineer these components.

Big 4 Rocker Cover Gaskets

Drawings are currently being prepared for these.

Storesman’s Report

Welcome to the New Year, may all your spares list be fulfilled! This is where we can help, the members own dedicated Spares Team, the more you support us, the more spares we will be able to offer the membership, so make RRSL your first line of inquiry.

Featured Images

This month’s photo is of the various door handles that we offer.
In the centre, there is the HAO50: Dynamo Nose Cap, that fits post 1934 cars.