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Directors’ Report: April 2015

Questionnaire Responses

A thank you to all the members who have responded to the questionnaire. We will produce a final tally of numbers and a full analysis after the closing date and in time for the May Newsletter.  There were 152 questionnaires returned to date, including 10 from overseas. The interim results are:

Q1. Do you repair your Riley or pay a specialist to do the work?

Only five use a specialist for all work. Of the remainder, about half of respondents do the work themselves and half do some of their own work – putting some out to a specialist repairer.

Q2. If you need spares that are on the RRSL list do you buy from RRSL?

Almost all respondents do so.

Q3. a. Does RRSL normally stock the components you need to repair your Riley?

90% replied in the affirmative.

Q3. b. If NO have you received a response to a request for RRSL to stock parts?

Only six responses to this question split between yes/no.

Q4. Is RRSL your preferred supplier for the parts we stock?

Overwhelmingly yes to this question. (There was a supplementary question, the answers to which need further analysis.)

Q5. Do you find the Newsletter updates on parts informative?

100% replied yes.

Project Updates

Much of the current project work, on around 25 items, revolves around restocking; the team reviewing the components to ensure that we are taking a cost conscious approach.
Some of these reviews are based on feedback from members on their experiences; if you don’t tell us about issues you have had, then it is unlikely we will make changes for the better,

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

We will shortly be going out for quotes for these, but would really appreciate some feedback if owners have experienced the pin being loose in the axle eye.
If you have any experience with these early kingpins, please contact Gerry Parker on 01952 610 788.

Big 4 Rocker Cover Gaskets

Drawings are still being prepared for these.

Boot Locks & Hand Wheels

We are looking into the various options of these and will be asking for some input from members once we have some draft drawings, as there are a number of varieties.

Storesman’s Report

One or two new customers recently have expressed surprise that we do not stock every item they need for their car, usually these are “missing” parts and fittings. When you think about it, we are supplying a huge quantity of different parts to keep +80 year old cars on the road. The range of available parts is continually being expanded but this is only be achieved by members supporting the Register, by purchasing their parts from RRSL.  In the last two years, alone we have added over 50 new products to the available range, based on members’ requests. On price alone we can and probably are beaten in some sectors, but when you buy from us you are getting the best possible quality. This is achieved by striving for strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Based on member feedback, the old type 9hp manifold gasket on the exhaust side has now been replaced with a reusable copper faced type, which should prove more satisfactory despite a modest increase in price.

The courier service we use for heavy parcels is working well and is much cheaper than the Post Office, but I am keen to know that your parcel arrives in the same condition that it left me;  so please do let me know.


The Spares Store will be closed for two weeks beginning on June 1st. I know this is a bit premature, but the next Newsletter will possibly overlap and this early notification allows you time to order the parts you need. I hope this does not cause any inconvenience, but we all need a holiday! After this, we will be preparing for Coventry.

Happy motoring!