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DIRECTORS’ Report: December 2016

Riley Register Spares Limited – Directors Report to Members

 Many thanks to the six members who showed interest in the spares storekeeper role and for the time they spent reviewing the requirements and considering if they wanted to proceed. We have now met with the candidates who wished to proceed and are sorting out the contractual details with the most suitable candidate. We will inform the members once this is completed.

 We had hoped to be able to update the members on the position with regard to sales to our North American and Canada members but meetings with a member who is a lawyer and the FBHVC on the topic have identified a further hurdle to address.

Stocks – In some way, it is pleasing to report we have had strong demands for a number of components, in some instances one order has been equivalent to a whole years normal sales. We are in the process of re-stocking but all our suppliers have lead times of a number of weeks, so we ask members to bear with us while we restock. By example, we pleased to report that we have had a remarkable few weeks on piston sales. Unfortunately this has resulted in a temporary shortage of standard sized pistons for the 9HP and 14/6 engines. New supplies will be with us early in the New Year, in this delivery will also be new supplies of the +60 oversize for the 15/6 engine which as you know have been out of stock for a while now.

The situation on the 9HP Merlin type piston remains unchanged with good stocks of oversize, but no stock of the Standard item.

Gel Seal Gaskets – We have seen a number of comments regarding user’s understanding on how the Gel gaskets RRSL supply for the 12/4 and 6 cylinder Riley engines work so we decided to put the record straight. The gaskets are formed from a Federal Mogul provided gasket material called Cemjo, that comprises a tanged steel core cleated to fibre facing material. Stainless steel fire rings reinforce the cylinder bores. We enhance the sealing on theses gaskets by applying a bead of Gel typically around the oil passages and other areas where leakage has historically proved to be an issue. The key point is this Gel is NOT expected to adhere to the head or block faces and it should be viewed as a thin ‘O’ ring that is part of the gasket. The Gel is a silicon compound applied to the gaskets by a silkscreen printing process, and consistency of application checked on every gasket. A coating of varnish seals the gasket and its’ facing material, hence the instruction not to apply supplementary gasket seal products or use solvents on these gaskets. General experience shows that these gaskets provide adequate sealing with lower head bolt torque requirements than typically used on the earlier copper/asbestos gaskets.

Product Updates

  • This month’s illustrations includes a picture of the prototype of the new boot locks, these are made in stainless steel and the illustration shows the snail pattern of handle but we expect to make the other options available if there is sufficient demand so if you have an interest, please make Brian Reeves aware.
  • 9E218 Camshaft Thrust Washer– We are currently investigating if this product can be improved by the addition of annular groove to the flat washer.
  •  Girling brake boot, GB1502SThanks to those members who have responded. For any further feedback on the Girling brake boot, GB1502S, when used on the front brakes, please give me a call or email to

Stores Report from Richard Ives

There are only a few weeks until the X word so I expect a flurry of last minute orders. Some lucky people have a week off at this time, but your Stores will be back open on Wednesday the 28th, hopefully recovered from the over indulgences of the previous few days.

The photo this time features a few of the 22 items in category 130, Engine Sundries. This is the category where we put those items that will not slot in anywhere else.

At this time we are out of stock of Standard 9 hp. Pistons but new stock is due for early January delivery, we have other sizes available.

Just in are new stock of Rockers 9E17 and 18. These are proving very popular; they also fit all the other engines, just not 9’s.

Another couple of items, which are out of stock at the moment, are the 9hp Tappets and Lag Tappets. In the interest of continued improvement, we are looking at the method of manufacturing these, when this is finalised, they will be in stock as soon as possible.

It only remains for me to say have a great festive season and fruitful 2017.