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Directors’ Report: October2015

Valve Gear

Focused Online

Beyond the activities involved with restocking, there is little news on the new parts front — the team have been focusing on information requirements for the new RRSL website.

Our goal is to make this much more than a ‘shop front’ for the parts we supply.

What do we mean?

Well … we have not just loaded the RRSL parts information, but have created new categories to help you find the parts you need, have begun adding illustrations and fitting instructions (where available) and links to other parts that you might like to consider (or are likely to need when fitting the part you want to order) … AND have listed information from the relevant part entries from each of the original parts books published by Riley.

Regarding the references to the original parts books, we will no doubt have made the odd mistake and the books were something of an inconsistent snapshot in time. We therefore expect and welcome the impartation of any knowledge that fills gaps or corrects mistakes — to be incorporated into the website as a reliable resource for members. Please do let us know where you see scope for improvement.

We have also uploaded digital versions (live posts) of RRSL reports from the last few years’ bulletins and will soon begin uploading technical articles relevant to the parts we supply.

L Type “Discovery”

We are currently doing some investigation into the L Type 6 cylinder engines, in part catalysed by the activity to populate the new website. It now appears that there were two varieties of L type engines, the earliest having a pair of centre bearings on each camshaft and the later pattern having only one centre bearing.

This is a recent “discovery”; if any members can shed further light on the topic please contact either John Collins or Gerry Parker. As a cautionary note, we believe the 1159P gasket that RRSL offers for the L Type is only suitable for the later single centre-bearing variant.

Steering Worm-Wheel Segments

We have had contact from a member enquiring about supply of replacement steering worm-wheel segments, part number A3272. Please let us know if you would be interested in this part.

Camshaft Wheel Spanners

If you need a better spanner to remove or refit the dished type camshaft wheels on later 9hp engines,  eBay is a good place to look. Several sellers list an ideal ‘deep drive hexagonal impact socket’ (33mm), at less than £10 each.

Please let us know your views by calling Richard or alternatively sending us an email.

Storesman’s Report

We have been pleased with the response from the last Newsletter asking for comments about projected parts, thank you to those that replied.

Here in the Stores, I receive many enquiries for parts that have been “lost” or did not come with the box of bits when the car was bought.If these parts are service items then, no problem, we can help. However with fittings that can be difficult, but there are members who specialize in second hand parts and they can often help.

No new parts on offer this month but 9E17M/A: Rocker Lever Assembly (RH)  and 9E18M/A: Rocker Lever Assembly (LH) that sold phenomenally well and have been out of stock will shortly be in stock again. These parts have been well received after a slow start as everyone’s stock of second hand examples is depleted.

As we notified before, please remember to check piston stocks before having your block rebored/sleeved. We have plentiful stocks of 9hp and 12/4, but for the Merlin 9hp and 15/6 engines we are hesitant to invest in new stock, due to the large amount of cash needed to fund production. However, if we know that there is a demand, we will of course have them made. If you have decided that new rods are needed for your Merlin 9hp, then it may be of benefit to consider having them made up to use the standard 9hp item instead.

The photo this month shows some of the items from our Valve Gear category. Do not be put off by the 9E prefix, many of these parts also fit 12/4 and 6 cylinder engines. We are here to help and a phone call can usually extract the information you are seeking.

The discount offer from last month still applies on some half-shafts: namely A1156: Half Shaft (LH – 6 Stud), A1900: Half Shaft (RH), A1901: Half Shaft (LH) and 10BA105: Half shaft RH.

Happy motoring!