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Directors’ Report: January 2016

12-4gearset Jan2016

Riley Register Spares Limited – Directors Report to Members

 Wishing you all a Happy New Year and enjoyable RILEY motoring for 2016.


At the last team meeting, we welcomed the new RRSL Chairman designate Roger Simpkins, Roger took up this role from the 1st January 2016. All the team offer their thanks to John Smith, who did an excellent job of steering the spares business through the last five years.


One of the requests from the questionnaire was to provide a summary for the membership on the activities of RRSL over the year.


This year has been somewhat different to previous years in that a considerable amount of time has been afforded by RRSL team members and Andrew Hills in getting the new RRSL section of the Register Website active and loaded with current information. Of course, we are not finished in loading Riley information onto the website and this will continue over the coming years to give all members access to background information, illustrations, fitting instructions and experiences. With these new computer-based options, one is never sure on how much use they will get so I am delighted to report that in November we saw just under 3000 views of the RRSL pages and by December this had risen to over 5500 views per month. We are beginning to receive orders via the website and we will start monthly updates of prices and products at the end of January 2016. There have been a couple of glitches and once these were investigated, they have been corrected. Thanks to the members who let us know there was an issue.


It is only fair say that the time expended on the website has diluted the time available to expand the catalogue of RRSL parts. Part quality is important to both RRSL and the membership and we thank the members who have contacted us with regard to quality concerns. We have had, in 2015, to expend more time on ensuring our suppliers are delivering the quality we require and pay for. We expect, in 2016, to invest in more accurate measurement capability so that we can more accurately check the quality of delivered product before making it available to members.


During 2015, we satisfied 675 orders from members and restocked over 70 items on the existing catalogue. This restocking frequently involves a design review to ensure the item is well specified, occasionally identifying a new supplier as the previous supplier is no long trading and always discussion on price as we are progressing into a manufacturing world where volume is king and we can normally only afford small volumes.

Now to a summary of Projects

  • Only 14 (compared with 35 in 2014) projects completed over the year. All Fourteen (21 in 2014) delivered new components or design revisions and none (14 in 2014) resulted in a decision not to proceed.
  • A further fifty one (28 in 2014) projects have been identified or underway during 2015. A significant proportion of these are outcomes from the member’s questionnaire. The breakdown of these is:-
    • Twenty-one components are under investigation to identify potential 3rd party sources or to investigate reported concerns with existing stock.
    • Ten are in the drawing review stage.
    • Two are in the quotation process.
    • One is on order and awaiting delivery.
    • Two are waiting component checking.
    • 15 are yet to be assigned, these will be assigned once we have cleared some of the more advanced projects
  • Review of the source of the 2015 projects
    • Seventeen (compared to 21 in 2014) resulted from our regular restocking reviews.
    • Fifteen (compared to 14 in 2014) are the result of problem reports, of which four were provided my members and the remainder by the RRSL teams checking of supplied components.
    • Thirty three were new requests of which 19 came from questionnaire responses

In closing this update on the year’s progress and activities, during 2016 we will be forging stronger links with other suppliers of parts for Riley cars to get an understanding of their plans on “new” part development and look to continue to work in partnership so that we minimise the risk of duplication of effort.

Reconditioning of Flywheels and Clutches

One of the potential benefits of better internet exposure for the Riley Register is that we get approaches by suppliers and we are starting to receive these. RRSL will investigate where the company may offer an alternative route for our own manufacture and in other cases make the membership aware

Truckfix Ltd, who offer a reconditioning/remanufacturing service for flywheel and clutch parts including relining for vehicles large and small including vintage, has recently contacted us. We have not been able to assess this firm in any way but are publishing their details in case any of our members would be interested in the services they offer. Please let us know your experiences?

Contact details are – Truckfix Ltd, Highfield Works, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. BD19 3TN.  Their contact is Di Forbes whose email address is

Phone 01274 877322

 Carpet Material – There are several colour options and we need to drum up orders to proceed as the minimum quantity is 50 metres for each colour. So If you are interested in acquiring carpet material, please contact Brian Reeves

Steering Worm Segments – In the last Newsletter we reported interest from one member enquiring about supply of replacement steering worm-wheel segments, part number A3272. Please let us know if you would be interested in this part.

 Please let us know your views by a call to Richard or alternatively an Email to

Stores Report from Richard Ives

I hope you all had a good break at Xmas time and have sorted all the jobs that need doing for the New Year.

I have received quite a few comments about our new web site, mostly favourable but it seems that some are having difficulty actually seeing the part you need. Perhaps it will be helpful if I outline the correct procedure. Once you are in the site, click on SHOP, there will be a drop down box from this that says ORDERING SPARES (the banner for this has now been changed to HOW TO ORDER SPARES), don’t click on this, as you will not be able to see the parts. The SHOP bar will bring all the parts in categories’ and you can then click on which you require, e.g. ENGINE PARTS, CHASSIS PARTS, etc….. Hope this helps. We did have a fault on the site for a brief period that prevented ordering 2 or more off of one item, this has now been corrected.

Our photo this month features all the goodies you get if you order a TIMING GEAR SET for the 12/4. Part number R271/880, please note that none of the actual gears are available separately. These will not remain at the current price for ever as we are finding significant price increases when we restock.

Please remember to check regarding stocks with me on Merlin 9 and 15/6 pistons before having your block re-bored /sleeved as we are leaving investing in new piston stock as long as we can due to the large amount of cash needed to fund re-stocking.

The discount offer still applies on some half-shafts: namely A1156 (six stud 26”), two remaining; A1900 (RH K/O wide track 28 3/4”), one remaining: A1901 (LH K/O wide track 28 ¾”), one remaining and 10BA105 (Mark 1 to 3 25 9/16”), five remaining.

Catalogues: –    By the time you receive this Newsletter the Spares catalogue will be available from the Register Website  It is always worth checking prices and availability with Richard as prices are amended when new stock arrives. Alternatively, Richard Ives can provide a paper price list at a postage cost of 3 second – class stamps.

Ordering Spares: – Please quote your membership number so we can look up your address.

From the Website – Enter the Spares section of the Register Website, go to My Account and register (you only need to do this on the first time) and then select the parts and number-off you require. The go to Checkout and complete your order and the site will then email your requirements to Richard who will contact you to confirm availability and provide the total cost including carriage and packing.

By Post: – Enclose a cheque to “Riley Register Spares Ltd”, sign and date leaving the amount blank and endorse “max limit £— allowing enough to cover postage.

By E-Mail: – Please mention Riley or something similar otherwise, your email may be treated as spam and deleted. Due to mandatory regulations with our card processor, please note that we can no longer accept card details by email. Please phone with your card details, If paying by card, a Debit Card is preferred because of the higher cost of credit card transactions.

 By Telephone: – Where I can confirm we have the required parts in stock

Hours: – 9 – 5 Monday and Wednesday through Saturday, exceptionally up to 8 pm. Closed Tuesday and Sunday.

Contact details for ordering  Richard Ives, Fenners, Mill Lane, Brandeston, Woodbridge Suffolk IP13 7AP

Telephone 01728 685636    E-mail