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Directors’ Report: August 2015

12/4 Gasket Set

Spares Company Survey 2015

Our third and last response to the questionnaire covers the comments made in regard to our Newsletter updates and general communications from RRSL.

We would like to begin by thanking those members who have responded to the last Newsletter with prompts on where we might be able to source some of the components members put on the wish list. Many thanks and please do continue to let us know if you have already successfully sourced parts on last month’s member’s wish list or even have thoughts on potential suppliers.

So, to the comments on communications and our Newsletter contributions.  First, thank you to all those who made positive comments regarding the communications, the quality of parts, the service provided and the range of parts we offer. These are much appreciated by the team of volunteers that make RRSL function.  In addition we have had many constructive comments and the expected few mischievous observations to keep us amused!

A significant number of comments were requests for more information on the parts supplied: parts listed with model and years of fitting, written descriptions of parts, more details on the parts, etc. For some time now, we have been working on a new website and it is expected that this will be live in Q4 of 2015. The aim of this site is to provide members with as much detail on all the parts we supply as we can and where we can readily supply updates when we have more information available. This of course will be a two- way street as many members have very detailed knowledge of some aspects of Riley’s and we are really looking forward to incorporating this information related to particular parts into the website. We will also take the opportunity to update the website with up-to-date prices on a regular basis and into the future to link to other suppliers of Riley parts that RRSL do not provide.

Many members commented that RRSL should also offer second-hand parts. We are all aware of a number of commercial organisations that already hold second-hand Riley parts but we will give this topic some consideration. The concept does raise a number of significant issues ranging from insurance, through funding for stock purchase, to the need to set up a storage facility. However, with the recent rumblings from the DLVA we may find the new barriers to made-up cars puts more spare parts onto the market.

Another thread was better liaison and combined working with other Riley clubs. This has merit and there is no point in duplicating effort and increasing costs by going it alone. The same thread equally applies to closer working with Members whose business is Riley cars.

Lastly, we have prioritised the wish list you contributed to on additional parts and these have been added to the existing project list. We will begin reporting on these in the next issue of the Newsletter, initially focusing on the higher priority items. We will progress with the Mk 1, 2 and 3 kingpins on the basis of what we understand as no member has contacted us with any additional experiences.

Please let us know your views by calling Richard or alternatively sending us an email.

Storesman’s Report

Another Coventry successfully over, we were delighted with the amount of business and enquiries received, the vast range of parts on display surprised some members. Indeed, I’m sometimes asked for an everyday part, which elicits a surprised response on being told we have the same part.

We have a number of half-shafts that have been in stock for some considerable time and are slow moving as these components are now available from a number of commercial suppliers. On that basis, we have decided to offer these at a 30% reduction on the currently advertised list price as New Old Stock. Some exhibit minor corrosion marks and may need minor fettling on the splines to get the desired fit.  All Riley half shafts were designed to be an interference fit on the root of the spline and are best fitted by applying mild heat to the hub and by cooling the half-shaft: probably best done while you are home-alone!

We have five A1156 (6 stud 26”), one A1900 (RH K/O wide track 28 3/4”), one A1901 (LH K/O wide track 28 3/4”) and five 10BA105 (Mark 1 to 3 25 9/16”).

The picture in this article features a 12/4 Gasket Set. Do bear in mind that there are 3 different types of 12/4 Head Gaskets; we can offer advice as to which will be suitable for your engine. The sets are made-up to order, this illustration is only for a guide as to what you may need.

The image below shows various dome nuts, kindly donated by a member who no longer required them. All need plating, except the BA nuts. They are free to members in a reasonable number, but only with an accompanying order.

Domed Nuts

Happy motoring!