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Directors’ Report: July 2015

9E350S Gasket Set

Questionnaire Responses

Our second response to the questionnaire covers requests from members for additional parts to be made available.

Many thanks for all the requests for additional parts for adding to the RRSL Catalogue. We will go through our normal process of checking if the part is already available from a commercial supplier as the first step in processing the requests. When the requested part is available elsewhere we will make members aware of the supplier via the Newsletter and update the New Website once that is accessible to members. For some requests you may well get a phone call or email to request more specific details as for many items there is a myriad of options.

The following provides initial feedback on all the requests:-

1. Already a current project

  • Investigate whether common mounting posts for boot hand wheels feasible.  Many thanks to all the responders to our survey on the stand at Wroxall Abbey
  • Kingpins and bushes for Mks I, II, III, drawings created, next step is quotes for supply.

2. Already rejected as project and communicated

  • 12/4 Brake linings

Rejected because a) there are commercial suppliers of brake linings both as separate items and fixed to shoes, and; b) safety aspects of fitting instructions and appropriate tooling to fit linings.

3. For consideration/adding to the projects list.

The first step of this process is to investigate if the parts are available from commercial suppliers and if so to inform the membership. Then we will report back progress via the Newsletter.

Relatively low cost additions for projects list:

  • Door lock compression springs for Nine
  • Rollers for Girling brake expanders
  • Stainless steel brake cables
  • Brake operating leather camshaft and cam washers
  • Correct length circuit fuses, esp. 4.5 amp field fuse
  • O/S steering box bush for 1931 Biarritz ( read as steering box bush)
  • Badge bar clip for 7/ 8” bar
  • Starter motor pinion gear (Nine hp)
  • Amber lenses for ST38 rear lamps for use as indicators – Note initial investigations show AES at Tenbury Wells do a version of these lamps
  • Early Rotax lamp rims
  • Screws and nuts including castle nuts for chassis

More substantial projects for discussion (potentially requiring significant capital injection)

  • 12/4 cylinder heads, Late type 12/4 cylinder heads
  • 16hp pistons, Question, are these different to the post-war parts.
  • Cylinder heads for Nine
  • Carpet material
  • Big Four parts, e.g. half shafts and water pump etc.
  • Kingpins, rear hubs for Big 4
  • Cast iron front brake drums
  • 15/6 timing gears

4. Needs more details

For these items the requesters will be contacted for specific details of what is required. However, some initial expectation setting is worthwhile.

  • Should always have “MOT” items in stock  – agree on the common replacement parts that we currently stock, however there is a broad range of MOT failure parts; springs, shackle pins etc that are not in the catalogue.
  • Body parts  – there is such a broad range of these that we would need to narrow down to a list that is common to most vehicles. It is unlikely that we would stock replacement wooden framing parts or replacement panels because of the broad variety of Riley bodies.
  • Electrical parts – require more detail.
  • Parts for side valve and Autovia models – require more detail.
  • Small brake parts for six cylinder cars – require more detail.
  • Helical gears – require more detail.
  • More body and trim parts for post 1935/36 models (e.g. petrol pipe rubber grommet to body 36/37 Falcon)
  • Rotax headlamp parts
  • Windscreen rubber for 12/4 Falcon – we will investigate but bear in mind we have had a number of reported issues with rubber components that turned out to be the result of the body shapes being altered during restoration.
  • Briggs windscreen rubbers that fit – we will investigate but bear in mind we have had a number of reported issues with rubber components that turned out to be the result of the body shapes being altered during restoration.
  • Rear window seal 33/34 Kestrel Nine – we will investigate but bear in mind we have had a number of reported issues with rubber components that turned out to be the result of the body shapes being altered during restoration.

5. Bespoke parts

Unlikely to pursue because of vast range of options

  • Off the shelf carpets sets (note: we will pursue supply of the carpet material).

6. Available from commercial suppliers

We have no plans to add to the RRSL catalogue:

  • Free flow exhaust manifolds
  • Dynamo armatures and magneto parts, although we do stock some consumable spares for the BTH GA4 type
  • Lucas distributor spares, although we do stock electrical consumables for the DK4 types
  • Blocks for 9hp
  • Pulley wheels for brake cables (2)
  • Improved profile camshafts
  • Different brake shoe linings front and rear, please also see point 2
  • Solex carburettor repair kit
  • Dashboard instruments
  • Mark I,II,III, IV exhaust downpipes
  • Oil pump body
  • Oil pump eccentric links (Nine)
  • Cheaper 12/4 head gaskets

Project Updates

The re-stocking of parts now involves a fitness for purpose and value for money check, to ensure the design that we supply is adequate and not over-engineered.

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

We will shortly be going out for quotes for these but would really appreciate some feedback if owners have experienced the pin being loose in the axle eye. Please contact Gerry Parker on 01952 610 788, if you have any experience with these early kingpins.

Big 4 Rocker Cover Gaskets

Drawings are still being prepared for these.

Coventry Report

It was good to meet so many members at Coventry and we would like to particularly thank those members who pre-ordered parts and so eased the administration on the day. The Directors of RRSL would like to thank Richard, who as always, did a sterling job of getting all the stock to Wroxall Abbey and then having to cope with “amateur” sales staff and the unpacking of stock packed by others when he got back to Suffolk!

If any of the members who purchased spares from Coventry would like an official receipt, then please contact Richard Ives who will forward one to you.

Happy motoring!