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Directors’ Report: December 2014

RRSL Chassis and Body Fittings

Welcome to this last Newsletter of the year and a thank you to all who have supported your spares company through 2014. Particularly to those who have provided input on additions to our spares catalogue. I know that we have not always added your suggestions and in many cases, this is because we have identified an existing commercial supplier for the part of interest and let you know who can supply in the Newsletter. In other instances, the recommended part has not proven commercially viable and we are sorry that those members have to go-it-alone on the part in question.

Now to some advice that links to the picture we have provided this month. Two of the rubber mouldings RPO93 and RPO98 have historically been in a traditional rubber material and some members have reported discolouration. We have done some tests and it appears that some modern polishes may have an adverse effect on the older specification material. Our tests have shown that the product marketed as “Back to Black” restores the original colour. When we re-order these mouldings, we will change to the same more modern material used for the other mouldings.

We have recently introduced an alternative to the traditional 9E177 exhaust manifold gasket that is now copper faced and is re-usable. These are somewhat more expensive at £7.50 than the original non-faced gasket. We presently have some of the original gaskets in stock but please let us know if you would still like the less expensive option to be available.

The last topic this month is Merlin pistons. We have a good stock of these in at all sizes from STD to +0.040” but do remind members to call Richard and do a check on what is available before having your block re-bored. However, we have noted that more members are ordering STD size pistons so we are now down to four sets of these in stock. We have just started the process of restocking on the Merlin piston and the minimum order size involved against the slow sales rate means this could prejudice our ability to re-stock other items. We have contacted alternate suppliers and are seeing prices well in excess of £100 per piston. It is worth noting that if new con rods are being bought for the project these could be made up to take the more common 9hp pre Merlin type.

Project Updates

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

Expected to be available before Christmas.

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

Work has begun on these.

Issues Identified

9E516: Round Rocker Box Lid Washer

The trial new gaskets are under evaluation and initial reports are positive. An order will be placed for these gaskets

Storesman’s Report

It seems that this year has gone very quickly and here we are, the last Newsletter before the Christmas break. Plenty of time to get in those spares to aid the re-building programme in readiness for next year.

Stocks are well up on most parts and trading has been brisk, the rockers have been particularly well received, customers have reported how quiet they are in use. Our parts in quality are second to none and a lot of trouble is taken to make sure you, the customer, have the very best that can be manufactured today.

Please note that when ordering by phone or email, I do need your membership number, I can’t do anything unless I have that.

Finally, may I wish customers good cheer for the festive period and a happy motoring experience for 2015.

Featured Images

I am featuring some of the items from our Chassis and Body Fittings category, hopefully this will help members to decide what rubber extrusions are correct for their car. Don’t forget I am willing to send you a sample if you wish.