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Directors’ Report: October 2014

RRSL Wheel & Hub Fittings

Project Updates

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

The supplier has confirmed that the castings have been completed and are currently being machined.

Big 4 Rocker Cover Gaskets

Starting a joint venture with the Australian Riley clubs to produce these components.

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

We have access to a loan early front axle to allow us to reverse engineer the kingpins and bushes.

Thicker 9hp Rocker Box Cover Gasket

RRSL will not add these to the stock list. Rocker box spacers and other Riley specific parts are available from Brooklands EngineCraft.

Wish List Additions

Side Valve Timing Gears

One member has requested these but unfortunately, no other members have expressed interest so it will not be commercially viable to add these to our list of stock items. If more members show interest in the future they will be considered again.

Issues Identified

9E516: Round Rocker Box Lid Washer

The trial new gaskets are under evaluation and initial reports are positive. Assuming the further trials prove satisfactory, we should be able to order replacement stock before the year-end.

Storesman’s Report

I receive quite a few calls to ask if we stock a certain part because the member cannot find it on the web site. I realise that sometimes finding a part is not easy and can be buried in with many other parts. But, we are here to help and advise, so please give me a ring or end an email. For some applications there are options and a call may well assist is selecting the correct part for your vehicle.

Actually, this is all going to become a whole lot easier when we have our proper web site installed, all the photographs of our stock have been taken and they are currently being prepared for the web. As a final reminder printed prices lists and those currently published on the web do get out of date rather quickly as we review prices every time we re-stock an item, so a call to confirm price is always worthwhile.

Stocks levels are good at present and we are experiencing healthy demand for a wide range of parts.

Featured Images

Our picture this time features an array of useful bits from our Wheel & Hub Fittings category. This picture only illustrates a small proportion of the 29 items we stock in this category.