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Directors’ Report: July 2014

A2170S: Tiller Rod Steering Ball Joint Kit & A2185S: Track & Tiller Rod Steering Ball Joint Kit.

We are into the summer period when generally the projects work slows down as the team get on with summer activities that are particularly numerous this year.

Project Updates

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

Chasing the supplier as expected delivery date missed.

9E257: Clutch Sliding Pin, Ballrace

A small stock of these will be obtained, as there are occasional requests.

Thicker 9hp Rocker Box Cover Gasket

For engines where the block of head has been skimmed. There has been no response either for or against on these so we will take a business decision at the next project meeting

Wish List Additions

Side Valve Timing Gears

Feasibility of funding being investigated.

A1365 & A1366: Torque Tube Ball Seals

These are confirmed as being already available from Blue Diamond so will be removed from the Wish list.

Storesman’s Report

Coventry is over once again and I think everybody agreed it was a success. Our Spares stall was kept very busy with both old and new customers. It is always a good opportunity to talk over any spares related matters with our team who are always glad to help.

Some new customers were pleasantly surprised by the large range of item on show. This is of course only a representative selection of our range.

From the archive (Dec 1960):

“I hope to replace my chassis frame on my 1933 12/6 Kestrel, the present one being somewhat bent can any of your readers give me advice on body removal. I have removed all the bolts I could find and then heaving, but she would not play (sic)”.

You would not make it up, would you!

New Parts in Stock

  • 8E99: Crank Pinion (9hp, Mk 1 to 4)

Featured Images

The photo this time shows some of the parts we can supply for steering components; A2170S: Tiller Rod Steering Ball Joint Kit and A2185S: Track & Tiller Rod Steering Ball Joint Kit. We have a larger selection in our Front Axle & Steering category, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you are seeking an axle or steering part.