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Directors’ Report: April 2014

9E17 & 9E18: Rocker Lever Assembly

We have received some questions regarding the supply of brake lining material to allow members to reline their own brake shoes. While some members may have access to the required equipment to successfully rivet and contour the shoes, we have decided that RRSL will not stock lining material and recommend that members use one of the established trade suppliers for relining brake shoes.

Project Updates

We are investigating the cost of upgrading the exhaust manifold gaskets to a more tolerant material than presently used. This is expected to increase the cost but give a more resilient gasket. Feedback welcomed.

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

Ordered, expect delivery around end April.

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

The original design of these was recognised as flawed by Riley and a better design was introduced from the Mk4 on.  The Projects team are drafting up two alternative options so costing can be obtained.

Wish List Additions

9E257: Clutch Sliding Pin, Ballrace

These ball races can be supplied at around £12:00 each +VAT, if there is sufficient interest from the membership.

A1365 & A1366: Torque Tube Ball Seals

No members have come forward with the offer of patterns for these so they will be dropped from the wish list.

Side Valve Timing Gears

Some interest has been expressed in these components being made available through RRSL.
We would need to see a batch of five sets for the project to be viable so please let us know if you are interested.

Six Cylinder Clutch Thrust Bearings

One member has shown interest in these, are any other members interested, as again we would need a small batch to commission manufacture?

1″ Swivel Pins & Bushes

These are still on the wish list but with a low priority as little interest has been shown.

Storesman’s Report


I shall be taking my annual holiday from the 1st of June to the 12th. I apologize for any inconvenience caused, there will be no facility for leaving messages, but I shall look forward to receiving your enquiries on my return.

New Parts in Stock

9E17 & 9E18: Rocker Lever Assembly

Care is needed if you are ordering less than an engine set as the original Riley parts books are inconsistent on what images they show for each hand of rocker.  PC2 and the 6- cylinder book show the opposite hand to the other parts books. (We have included a photograph of the rockers to assist.)

R214: Rear Main Bearing Housing Washer (12/4)

Very fiddly one to cut out!

Featured Images

Our picture this time is of parts 9E17 (left) and 9E18 (right); to help you distinguish between them (see New Parts in Stock).