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Directors’ Report: March 2014

SV110: Side Valve Cylinder Head Gasket

At the most recent Directors meeting the decision was taken to defer the across-the-board price increase.

For the foreseeable future, we will adjust the price of individual components as and when we re-stock. In addition, the ordering process will include a value review of each design to ensure we are not adversely increasing the price by over-specifying the component.

The Register Spares company will continue to focus on providing quality replacement parts that are not readily available from commercial sources.

Project Updates

9E17 & 9E18: Rocker Lever Assembly

Delivery expected in early March.

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

Ordered, expect delivery around end April.

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

The original design of these was recognised as flawed by Riley and a better design was introduced from the Mk4 on. The projects team are considering a number of options regarding the Mk1, 2& 3 kingpins.

Based on customer feedback, we have addressed a minor consistency issue with kingpin bushes by ensuring that all have a small undercut where the body of the bush meets the flange.

Wish List Additions

9hp Replacement Connecting Rods for White Metal Bearings

We have a supplier for these and would be happy to order when sufficient demand coupled with a 50% deposit is achieved.

9hp Sump Gauze

No additional interest has been shown. The Blue Diamond catalogue shows that appropriate material is available so we will not pursue these.

A1365 & A1366: Torque Tube Ball Seals

Do any members have a sample we could use to create the drawings?
The material we have traditionally used for ball joints is no longer economically available. We are working with metallurgy experts to identify a suitable material for future stock replacement.

Storesman’s Report

We continue to work with the Register members to help them select the appropriate replacement parts for their rebuild. Please do not hesitate to call when you are looking to source parts because even if we do not stock the part we may be able to advise alternate suppliers.

New Parts in Stock

Twelve items restocked in 2014.

  • SV110: Side Valve Cylinder Head Gasket

Featured Images

The photograph in this report is of SV110: Side Valve Cylinder Head Gasket, the latest addition to our stock.