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Directors’ Report: January 2014

Oil Seals (4G77 & 9G173), 9E278: Clutch Thrust Bearing Assembly & 9E510: Clutch Thrust Race

When this issue of the Newsletter lands on your doormats we will be well into 2014 and no doubt beginning our winter projects to get our cars ready for the better weather that we all hope materialises sooner rather than later.

There have been recent comments on internet forums regarding the costs of some replacement parts. We have always aimed to supply replacements that are to or better than original quality. However, if there is a requirement from the membership for reducing costs with the associated and expected reduction in component durability/reliability then this can be factored into our sourcing. By example, one of our gasket suppliers can make four qualities of cylinder head gasket. He comments that many of his customers buy the lowest quality because they only show their vehicles, which involves occasionally driving them at slow speed round a show field. I am sure we do not have Register members who are in this category of user but the cheapest is only ¼ of the price of the most expensive.

As stock items come up for re-ordering we are reviewing the marketplace to ensure RRSL are not duplicating components available from commercial organisations. When we identify this, we will update you by the Newsletter. Similarly, we are discussing new components with commercial suppliers and in some instances, the Big 4 gasket being an example, RRSL has produced these, as they are not a high demand item so very appropriate for our charter of stocking hard to source replacement parts.

December has been an unusually quiet month for sales and I will just take this opportunity to remind members that we will be increasing prices from February 2014 by 2.5%.

Project Updates

9E17 & 9E18: Rocker Lever Assembly

By the time members receive the Newsletter the first batch of samples will have been inspected.

SV110: Side Valve Cylinder Head Gasket

Expected shortly.

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

Back out for quotes, awaiting replies.

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

Some further consideration is being given to these components.

Later Period Petrol Filler Caps

Following our investigations these are available through a retail outlet as a standard product so the decision has been taken not to stock them. If you are looking for a later pattern filler cap, please contact Ceandess (Wolverhampton) Ltd, on 01902 872 000. They tell us that the part number is 02222000CAB which is their ‘QAB65 Chrome Vented Dome Top Cap’. Expect to pay about £10.50 plus carriage and VAT. For those with an eBay and PayPal account, it may be more convenient to try their eBay shop; look up item 261352631771.

Members will recall from the last newsletter that there are two types of twist lock caps. This cap is the slim line one that looks similar to a motorbike tank cap. The other cap is much wider and at present we have not found anyone who has the tooling for this type. If anything comes to light, we will put it in a future newsletter.

Wish List Additions

9hp Replacement Connecting Rods for White Metal Bearings

Please let us know if you are interested in these, they have been added to the list because of historic enquires but we are unlikely to go ahead unless we get renewed interest shown

9hp Sump Gauze

One member has expressed interest in these, are other members interested?

A1365 & A1366: Torque Tube Ball Seals

There is some interest is reproducing seals for the Torque Tube Ball.
Unfortunately, we do not have drawings for these parts.
Do any members have a sample we could use to create the drawings?

S69: Cylinder Head Gasket (Big 4)

Storesman’s Report

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Xmas break, now comes the New Year resolutions, to get that Riley finished in time for Coventry, of course we are here to help with our huge selection of first class spares. To finish, a piece from the archives:

“Hints & Tips: If trouble is experienced when driving at night, it is well to know that the cable to the side lights can be pulled out a certain distance, and the lamp used as an inspection lamp. One particular use of the lamp is in inspecting the level of petrol. As you will agree, this is much better than striking a match.”

From The Riley Instruction Book for the 11/40 circa 1922. You couldn’t make it up!

New Parts in Stock

  • 4G77: Gearbox Cork Seal (9hp, MK1 to MK6, rear)
  • 9G173: Gearbox Cork Seal (9hp, MK2 to MK6, front)

Silent Third oil seals, these are a copy of the original seals made in laminated cork.

Featured Images

Our photograph features both the oil seals (4G77 and 9G173), plus 9E278: Clutch Thrust Bearing Assembly (up to 1934) and 9E510: Clutch Thrust Race (’34 cars with manual gearbox). Don’t rebuild an engine without fitting a new bearing!
Also featured is our new S69: Cylinder Head Gasket (Big 4), in a modern construction.