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Directors’ Report: December 2013

RRSL Engine Sundries

Winter certainly feels to be taking a grip as I write this update and my office is somewhat more attractive than my steel clad workshop!  Firstly we would like to thank those who have provided feedback on these updates by Email and trust you are seeing your feedback getting a response.

Secondly, RRSL always have a number of projects, some new but many more for restocking, in progress so if you would like to get involved please contact any of the directors. A particular plea is do we have register members with recent metallurgy experience and/or who can access surface finish measuring equipment who would be willing to assist on occasions?

Finally, we have experienced increases in operating costs, such as insurance, carriage and credit card charges, combined with increases in supplier costs. So having deferred increasing the price to members for over 2 years we have agreed an across the board price increase of 2 .5% that will take effect from February 2014.

Project Updates

9E17 & 9E18: Rocker Lever Assembly

Samples expected in December leading to batch production in early 2014.

SV110: Side Valve Cylinder Head Gasket

Ordered from supplier.

9hp Gearbox Cork Seals

Ordered from supplier.

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

Design revisions agreed, preparing drawings for quotation.

1” Kingpins

These will need to be reverse engineered from existing components as no drawings exist.

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

Review existing pattern for component.

Later Period Petrol Filler Caps

There appears to be two configurations, information provided to potential supplier, awaiting feedback.

Wish List Additions

9hp Replacement Connecting Rods for White Metal Bearings

Please let us know your views on these.
We have recently generated a cost a comparison:

  • Existing white metal rods (x4), using new bolts and nuts: £620:00 + VAT
  • New rods (x4), white metalled, with new bolts, etc.: £1040 + VAT (estimated)

9hp Sump Gauze

There are a number of configurations of these resulting from different oil pickup pipes.

Storesman’s Report

Welcome to the last report before the New Year. Time to get those spares ordered before the Xmas break, please ensure your order reaches us in good time:

  • Special delivery by Friday 20th
  • First class by Wednesday 18th
  • Overseas by Thursday 12th.

New Parts in Stock

During October, our stocks were replenished on 13 catalogued items.

S69: Cylinder Head Gasket (Big 4)

These are modern construction type which have proved so successful with the 12/4 and 6’s.

9E278: Clutch Thrust Bearing Assembly & 9E510: Clutch Thrust Race

9E278SM for the pre ’34 cars and 9E510M for the ’34 cars with the all helical gearbox. These are an exact copy of the original Hoffman bearings made especially for us.

Featured Images

A selection of 9hp parts from our Engine Sundries category.