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Directors’ Report: June 2013

RRSL Timing Gears & Fittings

The RRSL team see no benefit to members in adding to our catalogue spare parts that are already available from commercial suppliers so please let us know if we are proposing a component that is already available elsewhere.

Project Updates

9E17 & 9E18: Rocker Lever Assembly

Selecting a supplier. We expect these to be in the order of £40.00 per rocker so please let us know your interest if you have not already done so, as we can get improved prices if we can afford to order a larger quantity.

9E278: Clutch Thrust Bearing Assembly & 9E510: Clutch Thrust Race

Supplier visit completed; now awaiting costs.

E705 & E725: Sump Studs

9 hp sump to crankcase studs (long and short)  – obtaining quotes.

16/4 Head Gasket

Details being finalised with manufacturer.

A4352: Girling Brake Front Balance Lever

Obtaining costs.

9hp Gearbox Cork Seals

Drawings finalised, expect to order soon.

Wish List Additions

1” Kingpins

Still assessing demand

Mk 1, 2 & 3 Kingpins

Still assessing demand. Confirmed that other Riley parts specialists are not planning to supply.

9hp Replacement Connecting Rods for White Metal Bearings

Feedback especially welcomed on these.

Later Period Petrol Filler Caps

These are the result of feedback when the early pattern filler caps became available.

Stock Replacement

This new section is to ask the members for feedback on slow moving stock items that are approaching the re-order level on our accounting system. The following items are flagged for re-order and we are seeking feedback from the membership on demand for these items as sales records show that the majority of members are purchasing collet retained valves. We are unlikely to restock unless we get feedback that these parts are still required.

  • 8E64: Peg Valve,  1 5/16″ (9hp, 12/6, 14/6 & 15/6)
  • R64: Collet Valve,  1 3/8″ (12/4)
  • R1169: Collet Valve,  1 9/16″ (12/4 – Sprite inlet)

Storesman’s Report

The time is getting very close for our Club’s event of the year. I am talking about Coventry of course, hoping that we shall once again meet many of our old customers (service not years), plus newer members who have recently joined.

The RRSL team will be on hand to help with any advice or query you may have. As always, I will be bringing any pre-ordered (and pre-paid) spares, but please let me have your orders no later than Wednesday 26th June.

New Parts in Stock

  • 8E52G: Rocker Box Cover Gasket (9hp, Mk 1)
  • LW1: Lucas Vacuum Eiper Piston Washer.
  • R881M: Packing Washer (12/4, Intermediate Gear Thrust Washer)

We are sorry that the last Newsletter contained some mis-information, Richard was to have a routine operation at the local hospital, but owing to the close proximity to the Coventry event he thought it in the best interest to plan this for after the event. We still can’t give a definite date but he is expecting to have the operation during July. The good news is that Richard is expected to be ‘hors de combat’ for no more than a week.

Featured Images

A photograph of some of the parts available in our Timing Gears & Fittings category.